TopWayaTopWaya is a flutist and artist who is inspired by Native American influences. His debut CD, "A Day with the Wolves" began after he visited New Mexico in 2001; including Taos, Santa Fe, Bandelier National Monument, and Chaco Canyon.  He brought his experience back to his Florida home and blended his life-long love of nature, wildlife and native peoples into a musical work of art. The end result, "A Day with the Wolves" music CD, unites the tranquil sound of the Native American Style flute, with the wild and awe-inspiring howls of wolves.

"Our ancestors, 'The Native Peoples,' knew what life was really about and shared their knowledge with all clans, to let each individual know that within each of us is the knowledge of life. Some teachers were storytellers, others were dancers, and then there were the music makers. All are done with the soul, the heart, and the gut. We are told we all have something within to give, to share, to teach, so close your eyes and 'listen.' For over the generations we have lost what once was. Now it is my turn to share what is, with those that matter and those that will listen with their souls, and hopefully it will bring the best out of each of you, Truth, Love, Sharing, and most of all, "What it means to be Free." - TopWaya

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