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You haven't heard a CD like this before!  TopWaya performs exquisitely on a Native American Style Flute, #F Minor.  Blending with the flute melodies are real wolves howling, talking and even growling. Read Latest Review!

Excellent For:

  • Connecting with Nature

  • Wolf Lovers

  • Dog Lovers

  • Relaxation

  • Massage Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Home or Office Ambiance

  • Pure Enjoyment!

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Special Thanks to Monty Sloan who provided the wonderful wolf recordings and wolf photography!  Please visit his web sites at and  

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to hear what, for me at least, is a new Native American inspired flute CD. A Day with the Wolves features TopWaya's unique, intoxicating flute melodies exquisitely interwoven with wolf howls, growls and other nature sounds, including rain and thunder. Actually, the first time I heard A Day with the Wolves I found myself startled by the amazingly lifelike wolf growls emanating from the speakers. Be forewarned, the opening and closing of the second track, "Calming the Wolves," can make the hairs on the back the index stands straight up if you're not expecting the growls.

Having said that, I want to assure you that to hear TopWaya's wondrous flute playing is truly to be enchanted by a tremendous talent. Even though the flute and the wolves were recorded separately, the way they are mixed together sounds as though they were singing to each other. The howling wolves powerfully evoke high desert mesas, pinion smoke carrying faintly on the night wind. Props to Monty Sloan for the fantastic quality of the wolf recordings. As I said, TopWaya's flute playing is a gift for the ages. Luminous, ethereal, haunting, A Day with the Wolves is perfect for meditation, massage or slow form yoga. Just watch out for the wolf growls

Steve Ryals
Free Lance Music Reviewer

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